Announcing SAML Service Provider

Damien SmrtDamien Smrt

Damien Smrt

We are happy to announce the release of our public beta for Saml SP SSO plugin for CraftCMS (version 3).

SAML is an open standard which providers authorization and authentication between parties. These parties are named the Identity Provider (IDP) and the Service Provider (SP). Our plugin provides the Service Provider layer so that you can take advantage of federated authentication with an IDP like

SSO with SAML has many advantages. These advantages include centralized user management, advanced authentication features, and improved user experience.

A typical scenario looks like the following: a logged out user would come to a page that requires login on your CraftCMS site (ie, {% requireLogin %}). Instead of being redirected to an internal template, they would go to a 3rd party page like a directory login. Once they login successfully with the IDP, they are redirected back CraftCMS, where they were intending to go.

This will be a paid plugin when it’s out of beta and we’d love to get feedback. Use composer to install it and get started. Head over to the docs for more detailed information! Check out our walk through on how to get started with Okta as your IDP.