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Configuring SAML SP with

In this guide, we will configure CraftCMS with SAML federated authentication using as the IDP. To follow along, you must have an Okta account. You must also have Flipbox Digital’s Saml SP plugin for CraftCMS installed on your site.

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Craft 3 + RESTful API

We’ve been working with Craft 3 since the developer preview release last summer. We decided to poke around with the new Yii2 RESTful web services and before we knew it, we had a fully functional RESTful API for Craft 3.

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Simplicity: The Motto For Success

As technology evolves, it's easy to get caught in the whirlwind of new features and functionality without assessing whether these bells and whistles will even have a positive impact on your business. I've spent my career with simplicity at the forefront of my approach, architecture and ultimately my solutions for end user experiences. I've naturally gravitated towards like minded leaders in the technology industry and would like to share a couple I found interesting.

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Find. Engage. Retain.

I've been listening closely to our membership centric partnerships and the term 'member engagement' has been increasingly thrown around as if there's a formula based solution. It typically goes something like this. I ask: What digital challenges are you facing that we can tackle next quarter? They respond: We need to increase our member engagement. I dive deeper: How do you measure successful engagement? What actions do you want your members to do? Their response: Well, our webinar page views have increased but attendance is stagnant...

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